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Featured Band - KETTLESPIDER - featuring an interview with drummer Simon Wood

The edition of The Ears was originally broadcast on 5th February 2017.

For more information on our featured band, Kettlespider, please visit their bandcamp page,

Not only does this show include an interview with Simon Wood (drummer) from the band, the last few tracks are dedicated to the late, great, John Wetton, who passed away on 31st January 2017.

From The Archive - THE BEACH BOYS

This edition of The Ears was originally broadcast on the 5th July 2009 on Edge Radio 99.3fm.

It was re-broadcast on 29th January 2017.

It is a Beach Boys retrospective focusing on the early Brian Wilson era.

January '17 Mixtape

Originally broadcast on 15th January 2017.

This month's Mixtape sees us genre-hopping from Aussie rock, folk, krautrock, grunge, prog & metal.

From The Archives - THE LORDS

Originally broadcast on 13th May 2007 and replayed on 8th January 2017.

Go back in time with former presenter Nobby for a retrospective on Germany's most prominent beat band, THE LORDS.

Catch Up Would Ya?!?!

Originally broadcast on 1st January 2017. Press the play button to listen On Demand.

Notable mentions to Aussie bands, Hemina, Kettlespider, Meniscus & the band formerly known as Nucleus (now Breaking Orbit).

Buffalo - A Retrospective

This edition of Kaleidoscope Ears was broadcast on 25th December 2016 on Edge Radio. It is an archive recording of a show that originally went to air on 15th April 2007.

We hope you enjoy this comprehensive retrospective on Australia's biggest proto-metal band.

40th Anniversary of 3:47 EST by KLAATU

This episode was originally broadcast on 18th December 2016 on Edge Radio in Hobart, Tasmania.

In August 1976, a mysterious album with incredible artwork and no credits on the cover appeared in the marketplace. It was called 3:47 EST and the band was called Klaatu. Next to no one bought it.

In 1977, an American DJ suggested that this record was the result of a Beatles reformation. It was a rumour that caught on. The record then sold millions of copies.

40 years later, fans from all over the world still enjoy this masterpiece of music.

This episode of Kaleidoscope Ears closely examines the album through the memories of those who were most closely associated with it, namely, the band members themselves.

Our thanks go to:

John Woloschuk
Dee Long
Terry Draper

and special thanks to label manager Jaimie Vernon.

Extended interviews will be available from www.kscopeears.com from early 2017.

Special Feature - ROXY MUSIC

Originally broadcast on 6th November 2016.

We take a look back at the 8 albums of Roxy Music.

BAAAD Animals

Originally broadcast in April 2007, this episode of Kaleidoscope Ears features songs with animals in the titles, with special guest ELO Joe and a very surreal encounter with session sensation Lon E. Matthews. 

Steven Wilson - Solo Retrospective

This episode was originally broadcast on 16th October 2016.

With Steven Wilson visiting Australia again in October 2016, we thought it a great time to look back
over the years at his solo output.

Our special guest this time is John Bender from Edge Radio's Prognosis, our very own Progressive Rock show broadcasting on Tuesday nights from 8pm.