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Kaleidocast Only Interview - IAN GRANT (Manager of BIG COUNTRY)

30th December 2010

In just over 24 hours a reformed Big Country plays their first show in a series of live gigs, beginning in Glasgow, Scotland.

The new line up consists of original members Bruce Watson, Tony Butler & Mark Brzezicki, along with new lead singer Mike Peters (The Alarm) and Jamie Watson on guitar.

While the band is hard at rehearsals, manager, promoter and long-term friend of the band, Ian Grant, speaks with us about his time leading up to his meeting with Big Country founder Stuart Adamson, the long-awaited and yet to be written book about the band, his feelings on dealing with and watching others deal with the passing of Stuart Adamson in 2001, and his high hopes for a bright future in the next chapter of this musical journey.



Doug said...

Great Interview, It's good to hear Ian's take on all of what is about to kick off.

Personally - I'm very happy, i should be, i go to see them play live on Sunday the 2nd January :)

BOB FIDDAMAN [Fiddy] said...

Podcast not working?

Anonymous said...

great talker ian really enjoyed that,all the best with gigs.

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