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9th January 2011 - Interview With Agents Of Mercy / Transatlantic / The Flower Kings Guitarist, Sweden's ROINE STOLT

Progressive rock guitarist Roine Stolt spoke in late 2010 (the "next year" references in the interview relate to 2011) with Dwayne about his varied musical exploits from Kaipa in 1975 to his current band Agents Of Mercy.

You'll find Roine's bio, news and merchandise at http://flowerkings.se/



KAIPA - Inget Nytt Under Solen (Inget Nytt Under Solen - 1976 - Decca)
TRANSATLANTIC - The Whirlwind - i Overture / Whirlwind (The Whirlwind - 2009 - InsideOut)
TRANSATLANTIC - Return Of The Giant Hogweed (The Whirlwind - 2009 - InsideOut)
TRANSATLANTIC - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Bridge Across Forever - 2001 - Metal Blade)
THE FLOWER KINGS - Life In Motion (The Sum Of No Evil - 2007 - InsideOut)
AGENTS OF MERCY - The Duke Of Sadness (DramaRama - 2010 - Foxtrot)
AGENTS OF MERCY - Cinnamon Tree (DramaRama - 2010 - Foxtrot)

2nd January 2011 - Interview With STEVE HACKETT & Playlist

Legendary guitarist Steve Hackett spoke with Todd about his incredible musical career that shows no signs of slowing down.

All Songs by Steve Hackett on the Wolfwork label

Fire on the Moon - Out of the Tunnel's Mouth
Ace of Wands - Live Rails
Spectral Mornings - Live Rails
Firth of Fifth - Live Rails
Blood on the Rooftops - Live Rails
Fly on a Windshield - Live Rails
Broadway Melody of '74 - Live Rails
Sleepers - Live Rails
Los Endos - Live Rails

Many thanks to Steve for taking the time to speak with us.