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Special Guests: The Witching Tree

For our 18/11/12 episode we were joined by Chris Pullen and James Johnston from Hobart Prog band The Witching Tree.

They spoke about the changes in their roles within the band over the last year, their influences and their planned new material for 2013.

Chris and James stayed on for hour 2 of the show to act as guest programmers and discuss some of the music that has influenced them on their path to make a "statement for the undrground prog scene in Hobart". The full playlist is below.

Click on the Kaleidocast link below to hear the interview in full, including their live acoustic performances of original song "Common Fool" and a cover of "In My Time Of Need", a song from the album "Damnation" by Opeth. An mp3 version of the Kaleidocast can be downloaded here. See below the playlist for videos of Chris and James performing their songs in the studio.



Artist name Track name
The Witching Tree Wonderland
The Witching Tree What If?
The Witching Tree Silent Partner
The Witching Tree Common Fool (LIVE)
The Witching Tree In My Time Of Need (LIVE Opeth Cover)
The Witching Tree I Feel So Cold
The Witching Tree Time Will Silence All Things
Sam Locke Crossing The Barrier II
Karnivool Themata
Tool Lateralus
Dream Theatre On The Backs Of Angels
Dead Letter Circus Reaction
Cog What If? (LIVE)
Porcupine Tree Fear Of A Blank Planet (LIVE)
The Butterfly Effect Everybody Run   


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