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NEW RELEASE & INTERVIEW - The Fierce And The Dead - Spooky Action

On 3.11.13 we spoke to members of The Fierce And The Dead on the release of their second studio album, Spooky Action.

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Artist nameTrack name
Matt Stevens  Into The Sea
Cosmograf The Vacuum That I Fly Through
The Fierce And The Dead Part 2
The Fierce And The Dead Hawaii
The Fierce And The Dead Ark
The Fierce And The Dead Part 4
King Crimson Frame By Frame
The Fierce And The Dead Spooky Action
The Fierce And The Dead Daddies Little Helper
Voivod Missing Sequences
The Fierce And The Dead Let's Start A Cult
The Fierce And The Dead 10x10
The Mahavishnu Orchestra You Know You Know
Televison Marquee Moon
Talking Heads Memories Can't Wait
The Fierce And The Dead Chief

27.10.2013 - 60's POP

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Artist nameTrack name
Shocking Blue Send Me A Postcard
Herman's Hermits No Milk Today
The Honeycombs Have I The Right
Gerry And The Pacemakers I Like It
Freddie And The Dreamers I'm Telling You Now
Hedgehoppers Annonymous It's Good News Week
Small Faces Lazy Sunday
Jeff Beck Feat. Rod Stewart I've Been Drinking Again
The Band The Weight
Fleetwood Mac Man Of The World
Eddie Hodges  Man Of The World
Scaffold Thank You Very Much
Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band  I'm The Urban Spaceman
Jewel Akens The Birds And The Bees
The Smoke My Friend Jack Eats Sugarlumps
Manfred Mann 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
The Everly Brothers Let It Be Me
Lulu Boom Bang A Bang
P. P. Aronold Angel Of The Morning
The Swinging Blue Jeans You're No Good
Canned Heat Goin' Up The Country
The Beatles Run For Your Life
Paramounts Poison Ivy
The Hollies I'm Alive
The Move Flowers In The Rain
Nashville Teens Tobacco Road
George Baker Selection Little Green Bag
Chris Farlowe Handbags And Gladrags
Cliff Bennett And The Rebel Rousers Got To Get You Into My Life
Lee Dorsey Working In A Coalmine
The Animals Don't Be Misunderstood
The Zombies Time Of The Season
Jackie Deshannon Put A Little Love In Your Heart
The Turtles Happy Together
The Velvet Undergound I'm Waiting For The Man

20th October 2013 - NEW Post & Progressive Rock

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Artist nameTrack name
The Fierce And The Dead Ark
sleepmakeswaves to you they are birds, to me they are voices in the forrest
Meniscus Cusp
Fates Warning One Thousand Fires
O.S.I.  The Escape Artist
Devin Townsend Project Lucky Animals
Toehider Whatever Makes You Feel Superior
Cosmograf Aspire Achieve
The Butterfly Effect Eyes Down
Karnivool Eidolon
Grails Almost Grew My Hair
Dead End Space Breathe In Breathe Out
Fish Crucifix Corner
Subsignal The Colossus That Bestrode The World 
Squat Club Corvus

Show Broadcast 6/10/13 - 50th Anniversary Of DOCTOR WHO!

Ok, Ok. So Doctor Who doesn't come under the banner of "Classic Rock", but it certainly comes under the banner "Classic". It's been one of Ears' Presenter Dwayne Bunney's passions for most of his life, so here is a small tribute to the music that made Doctor Who so unique.

On November 23rd 2013, Doctor Who will celebrate 50 years on television, an amazing feat for any TV program, let alone a science fiction show! So for our own little celebration here at the Ears we'll feature most of the theme variations from Doctor Who, and Dwayne gets the opportunity to share some soundtracks from other TV and movies he's loved over the years.

Enjoy the trip!

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Artist name
Track name
Doctor Who
Original Theme 1963
ZZ Top 
Double Back
Breaking Bad
Main Theme
Main Theme
Main Title
Deckard And Roy's Duel
Blade Runner (End Titles)
Peter Howell
Doctor Who
Main Theme
Brian Eno
Prophecy Theme
Dudley Simpson
The Tomorrow People
Dominic Glynn
Doctor Who Theme
Tom Twyker
Tom Twyker
Susie van der Meer
Somebody Has To Pay
Keff McCulloch
Doctor Who Theme
Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica
Main Titles (UK Version)
The Tripods
Opening Theme
The Tripods
Closing Theme
Margaret Singana
We Are Growing
Battle Of The Planets
Main Theme Tune
Magnum PI
Main Theme
The Six Million Dollar Man 
Main Theme
Welcome Back Kotter
Main Theme
Hawaii Five-O
Main Theme
Gilligan's Island
Main Theme
Knight Rider
Main Theme
Wonder Woman
Main Theme
Doctor Who
David Arnold Theme
 Big Country
Restless Natives
Jon Bon Jovi
Justice In A Barrel
Murray Gold
Doctor Who Theme 2006
Murray Gold
Torchwood Theme
Doctor Who
Main Theme 2009
Doctor Who 
Main Theme 2013

More Classic Artists New Albums, New Album From Blackfield & Prog By Astra, District 97 & Yes

Our 29/10/13 show gave us the opportunity to feature some more classic artists who are still releasing amazing music. Soundgarden, Big Country and David Bowie.

We also featured new music from the Aviv Geffen / Steven Wilson collaboration Blackfied.

Then some psych prog from San Diego's Astra, jazz fusion from District 97, and a timeless classic from Prog forefathers Yes. 

Missed the show? You can re-stream it all over again by pressing the play button in the box below.

Artist name
Track name
Album name
Ultramega OK
Been Away Too Long
King Animal
By Crooked Steps
King Animal
Big Country
In A Big Country
The Crossing
Big Country
In A Broken Promise Land
The Journey
Big Country
Last Ship Sails
The Journey
David Bowie
We Are Hungry Men
David Bowie
David Bowie
Love Is Lost
The Next Day
David Bowie
How Does The Grass Grow?
The Next Day
The Shadows
The Shadows
I Never Glid Before
Angels Egg
Blackfield IV
Blackfield IV
Blackfield IV
The Black Chord
The Black Chord
District 97
Back And Forth
Trouble With Machines
Close To The Edge
Close To The Edge

Have Classic Rock Artists STILL Got What It Takes After All This Time?

We asked this question on our 22/09/2013 show. You be the judge. But we can't help but wonder how many contemporary artists will still be around in 30 or 40 years from now and releasing material of this quality?

Artist name Track name
Black Sabbath The Wizard
Black Sabbath End Of The Beginning
Black Sabbath Dear Father
Deep Purple Hey Joe
Deep Purple Uncommon Man
Deep Purple Vincent Price
Van Halen  You Really Got Me
Van Halen Tattoo
Van Halen Outta Space
Kiss  Deuce
Kiss Last Chance
Rush Finding My Way
Rush Headlong Flight
Neil Young What Did You Do To My Life?
Neil Young & Crazy Horse  Driftin' Back

2007 Show Featuring Guest ELO Joe and Klaatu

As 2013 is the tenth year on the air for Kaleidoscope Ears, our 15th September 2013 show was a look back at a show we did in 2007 featuring Canadian Prog Pop band Klaatu. We featured tracks from all five of their studio albums.

The show also featured irregular guest ELO Joe, Kingofsoftrockenthusiastsinsoutherntasmania.

*Please note that as this was an off air recording the sound is of archival quality.

Artist name Track name Album/Release
Klaatu Anus Of Uranus 3:47 E.S.T.
Klaatu Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft 3:47 E.S.T.
Klaatu California Jam 3:47 E.S.T.
Klaatu Sub Rosa Subway 3:47 E.S.T.
Klaatu True Life Hero 3:47 E.S.T.
Klaatu Doctor Marvello 3:47 E.S.T.
Klaatu Little Nutrino 3:47 E.S.T.
Klaatu We're Off You Know Hope
Klaatu Madman Hope
Klaatu Hope Hope
Klaatu A Routine Day Sir Army Suit
Klaatu Juicy Lucy Sir Army Suit
Klaatu Older Sir Army Suit
Klaatu Mister Manson Sir Army Suit
Klaatu Silly Boys Sir Army Suit
Klaatu Knee Deep In Love Endangered Species
Klaatu Sell Out Endangered Species
Klaatu A Million Miles Away Magentalane
Klaatu Blue Smoke Magentalane
Klaatu December Dream Magentalane

A Psychedelic Trip Around The World And Through The Ages

Our 8/9/13 show saw us examining some early Psychedelia from the 60's, as well as some Psych from Turkey, Brazil and the modern era. What a trip!

Artist name Track name
13th Floor Elevators Roller Coaster
The Jimmi Hendrix Experience Fire
Davie Allen And The Arrows Blues' Theme
Caleb Baby Your Phrasing is Bad
Masters Apprentices War Or Hands Of Time
Clear Blue Sky Journey To The Inside Of The Sun - (a) Sweet Leaf
Erkin Koray Karlı Dağlar
Erkin Koray Türkü
Os Mutantes A Minha Menina
Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band Diddy Wah Diddy
The Nightcrawlers The Little Black Egg
The Church Under The Milky Way
Astra The Weirding
Porcupine Tree Voyage 34 Phase 2
Van Der Graaf Generator Afterwards
The Incredible String Band Very Cellular Song

Special Guest: STEVEN WILSON

On our 1st September 2013 show, we were joined once again by the icon of Progressive music, Steven Wilson, to discuss his forthcoming tour of Australia and we played some tunes from all of his albums, including his latest, The Raven That Refused To Sing And Other Stories.

Artist name Track name
Steven Wilson Harmony Korine
Steven Wilson No Twilight Within The Courts Of The Sun
Steven Wilson Index
Steven Wilson Deform To Form A Star
Steven Wilson Luminol
Steven Wilson Drive Home
Steven Wilson The Holy Drinker
Steven Wilson The Pin Drop
Steven Wilson The Watchmaker
Steven Wilson The Raven That Refused To Sing
Steven Wilson Sectarian

Special Guest: John Bassett From Kingbathmat

On 25th August 2013 we were joined by John Bassett from UK Psychedelic Prog band Kingbathmat. He discussed their 7th studio album, Overcoming The Monster. This was John's first ever radio appearance!

Artist name Track name
Kingbathmat Behind The Wall
Kingbathmat Sentinel
Kingbathmat Parasomnia
Kingbathmat Overcoming The Monster
Kingbathmat Superfluous
Kingbathmat Reality Mining
Kingbathmat Kubrick Moon
Haken Falling Back To Earth
Sound Of Contact Mobius Slip

Mixed Bag Including New Toehider Single

18th August 2013 was a mixed bag of tunes both old and new. We celebrated the announcement of Steven Wilson touring Australia with his solo band, debuted Toehider's new single, sampled the new live album from IOEarth and we previewed the new Kingbathmat album, Overcoming The Monster.

Artist name
Track name
Steven Wilson
Remainder The Black Dog
James LaBrie
Whatever Makes You Feel Superior
Machines Of Indeterminate Origin
Days Between Stations
In Utero/ Visionary
Dancing With The Moonlight Night
Jethro Tull
A Passion Play Part 1 Act 2
Drum Folk
Memory Lain, Hugh / Headloss