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Feature: The Many Shades Of Manfred Mann

The Ascent of Mann / Soul of Mann / Five Faces of Manfred Mann - just some of the albums we highlighted on our 10th February 2013 show.

We shared Manfred Mann in all its varied guises... Manfred Mann, Manfred Mann Chapter 3, Manfred Mann's Earth Band. We were determined not to let "Blinded By The Light" turn you off! We wanted to show you that there was much much more to this funky progressive rock band.

And we did!


Artist Name Track Name
Manfred Mann I'm Your King Pin
Manfred Mann Mr Anello
Manfred Mann's Earth Band Crossfades
Manfred Mann Chapter 3 One Way Glass
Manfred Mann's Earth Band Tribute
Manfred Mann's Earth Band Sloth
Manfred Mann's Earth Band Platform End
Manfred Mann's Earth Band Visionary Mountain
Manfred Mann's Earth Band Brothers And Sisters Of Azania
Manfred Mann's Earth Band Fritz The Blank
Manfred Mann Bare Hugg
Manfred Mann Chapter 3 Snakeskin Garter
Manfred Mann Chapter 3 Sometimes
Manfred Mann Semi-Detached Suburban Mr. James
Manfred Mann Smokestack Lightning
Manfred Mann  Up The Junction
Manfred Mann's Band Father of Day, Father of Night
Ersen Ternek
Quella Vecchia Locanda Dialogo
NEU!  Isi
Goblin Snip Snap
Rick Wakeman Recollection


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