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German Prog Masters ELOY

On our 16/06/2013 show we featured the first three albums of classic German Prog band ELOY.

Artist Name Track Name
Eloy Walk Alone
Eloy Daybreak
Eloy Today
Eloy Something Yellow
Eloy Eloy
Eloy Song Of A Paranoid Soldier
Eloy Land Of No Body
Eloy Inside
Eloy Up And Down
Eloy The Light From Deep Darkness
Eloy Castle In The Air
Eloy Plastic Girl
Eloy Dillus Roady

9th June 2013 Feat. Polish Prog Bands Believe And Riverside

Apart from the featured Polish bands Riverside and Believe, we were able to feature some tracks from the amazing Greek cover band No Brain Cell. They do produce original material but have garnered a name for themselves as one of the foremost Porcupine Tree cover bands.

Artist Name Track Name
No Brain Cell The Creator Has A Mastertape
No Brain Cell Endless Game
No Brain Cell The Start Of Something Beautiful
Believe Beginners
Believe Unborn / Turnaround
Believe Please Go Home
Believe Heartless Land
Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb
King Crimson Level 5
Riverside New Generation Slave
Riverside The Depth Of Self-Delusion
Riverside Celebrity Touch
Riverside We Got Used To Us
Riverside Escalator Shrine
Riverside Coda