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2007 Show Featuring Guest ELO Joe and Klaatu

As 2013 is the tenth year on the air for Kaleidoscope Ears, our 15th September 2013 show was a look back at a show we did in 2007 featuring Canadian Prog Pop band Klaatu. We featured tracks from all five of their studio albums.

The show also featured irregular guest ELO Joe, Kingofsoftrockenthusiastsinsoutherntasmania.

*Please note that as this was an off air recording the sound is of archival quality.

Artist name Track name Album/Release
Klaatu Anus Of Uranus 3:47 E.S.T.
Klaatu Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft 3:47 E.S.T.
Klaatu California Jam 3:47 E.S.T.
Klaatu Sub Rosa Subway 3:47 E.S.T.
Klaatu True Life Hero 3:47 E.S.T.
Klaatu Doctor Marvello 3:47 E.S.T.
Klaatu Little Nutrino 3:47 E.S.T.
Klaatu We're Off You Know Hope
Klaatu Madman Hope
Klaatu Hope Hope
Klaatu A Routine Day Sir Army Suit
Klaatu Juicy Lucy Sir Army Suit
Klaatu Older Sir Army Suit
Klaatu Mister Manson Sir Army Suit
Klaatu Silly Boys Sir Army Suit
Klaatu Knee Deep In Love Endangered Species
Klaatu Sell Out Endangered Species
Klaatu A Million Miles Away Magentalane
Klaatu Blue Smoke Magentalane
Klaatu December Dream Magentalane


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