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Feature: Humble Pie And Supertramp

Our 28th July 2013 show featured a retrospective on the earlier albums of classic bands Humble Pie and Supertramp.

Artist name Track name
Humble Pie Natural Born Bugie
Humble Pie Buttermilk Boy
Humble Pie Home And Away
Humble Pie Live With Me
Humble Pie One-Eyed Trouser-Snake Rumba
Humble Pie Stone Cold Fever
Humble Pie 30 Days In The Hole
Humble Pie Honky Tonk Women
Humble Pie Anna (Go With Him)
Humble Pie Road Hog
Supertramp It's A Long Road
Supertramp Nothing To Show
Supertramp Rosie Had Everything Planned
Supertramp Potter
Supertramp School
Supertramp Bloody Well Right
Supertramp Crime Of The Century
Supertramp Aint Nobody But Me
Supertramp Even In The Quietest Moments
Supertramp Breakfast In America (Live In Paris)
Supertramp Rudy


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