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Featured Band - Premiata Forneria Marconi

In our 26th January 2014 episode we feature perhaps the most popular progressive rock band to come out of Italy.

To this day, Premiata Forneria Marconic are one of the all-time greats in the genre. Listen again on the link below to find out why.

Blue Öyster Cult - The Early Years

On 19th January 2014 we featured the early recordings of New York based Blue Öyster Cult. Listen again to the entire show below.

Best Progressive Music Of 2013

Yes we know it's all subjective, but on our annual Best Prog feature originally aired on 5/1/14 we share some of our favourites and come up with our own list of Best Aussie Prog, Best Prog Track and Best Prog Album of 2013.


Artist name Track name
Agent Made Of Gold
Karnivool Eidolon
Maschine Venga
Wisdom Of Crowds Radio Star
Sound Of Contact Pale Blue Dot
Cosmograf Aspire Acheive
Haken Cockroach King
Toehider Whatever Makes You Feel Superior
The Fierce And The Dead Part 4
Fish A Feast Of Consequences
Blackfield Faking 
Yes Siberian Khatru
Riverside Escalator Shrine
Machines Of Indeterminate Origin Stab
Kingbathmat Parasomnia
Steven Wilson Luminol

New Prog In 2013

In our 15/12/13 episode we feature some of the new Prog making an impact in 2013 from artists such as Agent, Ayreon, The Flower Kings, Solstice, Sisare and many more.

Artist name

Track name
Chemia Bondage Of Love
Chemia Sweet
RPWL  The Ugliest Man (The Ugly)
Ayreon Singularity - Phase I - Parts II-IX
Toehider Giants Who Walk With Man
Toehider To Hide Her
The Flower Kings The Resurrected Judas
King Crimson One More Red Nightmare
Agent Made Of Gold
Sisare Isolation
Solstice Black Water
Anathema Untouchable Part 2 LIVE
Mostly Autumn Unquiet Tears
Here & Now Telly Song