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40th Anniversary of 3:47 EST by KLAATU

This episode was originally broadcast on 18th December 2016 on Edge Radio in Hobart, Tasmania.

In August 1976, a mysterious album with incredible artwork and no credits on the cover appeared in the marketplace. It was called 3:47 EST and the band was called Klaatu. Next to no one bought it.

In 1977, an American DJ suggested that this record was the result of a Beatles reformation. It was a rumour that caught on. The record then sold millions of copies.

40 years later, fans from all over the world still enjoy this masterpiece of music.

This episode of Kaleidoscope Ears closely examines the album through the memories of those who were most closely associated with it, namely, the band members themselves.

Our thanks go to:

John Woloschuk
Dee Long
Terry Draper

and special thanks to label manager Jaimie Vernon.

Extended interviews will be available from www.kscopeears.com from early 2017.

Special Feature - ROXY MUSIC

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